Runner Information

Runner information 17th November 2019


  • You can download a pdf of this page.
  • Race HQ GPS – GU8 4QA
  • 8:30am – Marshals’ meet in the Race HQ for a briefing
  • 09:30 – registration opens at Race HQ (Chiddingfold Football Club)
  • 09:45 – start warming up by the starting Arch
  • 10:00 – Every minute a batch of 5-10 runners set off
  • 10:20 – last runner sets off
  • 10:40 – first finisher arrives to break the course record
  • 12:00 – Prize giving as last finisher arrives
    • Fastest Female
    • Fastest Male
    • Star of the Day
  • 13:30 – Race HQ closes


There is limited parking available at the Race HQ. and the village hall as well as the roads around Chiddingfold. It is not safe to park on the A283. See the map page on the website or at the end of this document for more details.


At registration, you’ll collect your number, timing chip, T shirt and safety pins. There will be a map of the route and some photos of the course. Free Tea and Coffee is available to Runners and Marshals. Bacon butties and Jane’s special Lemon Drizzle cake are available when you finish the run.

Start Line

The race start is just outside the Race HQ. Your time will be taken as you cross the start line. Please don’t bunch up at the start. If you’re fast, then come to the front. If you’re going for fun rather than speed, then please let the faster runner get away. If you want to run with your team, then approach the start together and be nice to the start marshal, they’re in charge for your safety!

There is a very narrow and sharp right hand turn just past the church at about 800m. Please turn right IN SINGLE FILE. There will be a marshal on the corner who is really good at shouting, so don’t be the runner who makes him practise on you because you’re running on a main road on a blind corner.

The Course

If you forget everything else – follow the little yellow arrows. There are over 100 arrows on the 10k course – that’s one about every 100m – so if you run for more than 2 minutes without seeing an arrow then turn around and retrace your steps. Two people did not follow this rule in 2017 and got lost for an hour.

The course is mostly off road and on muddy clay paths with some sandy sections. It can be done in road shoes, but you will probably be faster wearing shoes with some tread. Wear clothing that allows you to move freely if you get muddy or wet. Expect several of the sections to be muddy and slippery with concealed tree roots, so be careful. It’s better to slow down and stay on your feet than to slip on your coccyx and hobble the 5 km back to the village. If it’s raining and you run slower than 9 minute miles, we recommend that you wear a waterproof layer to stay warm. If you run faster than 7 minute miles then you will literally be steaming if it rains. Try not to show off too much.

The outward run is on public bridle paths and takes you through thick mud, minor roads, a farm and a heavy clay path in Frillinghurst forest before arriving at Fowlshatch Copse where the obstacle course is set. At gates and pinch-points, outgoing runners have priority, but please be courteous especially if the returning runner is doing 6 min miles and you are walking.

The map shows both the run and the obstacle sections. There will be a marshal near the river to offer assistance, should you fall in. As a general rule – if you get into difficulty then make some noise. There will be a marshal or another competitor nearby.

If you see another competitor in distress, then please don’t use them as another obstacle. Please offer a helping hand. We have a star of the day award, so let a marshal know if someone has been a star!

Please stick to the paths inside the forest, there are several fallen and dangerous leaning trees away from the event paths. We don’t want anyone hurt!

The return run retraces the outward path. At all gates and pinch points – please concede priority to outgoing runners. Please listen to the marshals at all times and do as they say. They are there for your safety.

The finish

The finish line is at the Race HQ. Be careful when you turn left onto the main road and head past the church. When you cross the finish line, the timer will stop and you can remove your chip, collect your medal, check your time and go into the Race HQ where you can get refreshments and a bacon butty.

Please hand back your chip at the end, otherwise we will have to hunt you down to get it back.


There is a bacon roll (or vegetarian roll) for all runners and marshals as well as tea, coffee, Jane’s special Lemon Drizzle cake and juice available. Awards will be presented at the time shown at the top of this page.

The Small Print

    • By taking part, you agree to all of the following rules, our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.
    • You accept full responsibility for taking part and assure that you are fit and capable to do so.
    • You will follow any instruction given by a marshal or a race official to ensure the event is carried out safely.
    • If you hurt yourself, you will inform a marshal or another runner who will then notify the next marshal.
    • If you see a hurt runner, please stop and help them– it’s not a championship race – we want everyone to have fun.
    • Outbound runners have right of way – please try and remember this at any pinch points.
    • Please be at the Race HQ by 09:30 for a 10:00 start
    • Please register online before the day. No more than 140 people can do the event. No exceptions!
    • Please bring (and register) a friend.
    • There are prizes, and T shirts. There will probably be rain.
    • The course will have marshals at the key navigation points.
    • The course will be marked with arrows.
    • If you register but can’t attend, please email us.
    • After the race, we would like you to complete a questionnaire online.
    • If you fall over in a pain-free yet funny way – please encourage someone to take a photograph before you get up.