Results March 2014

A massive thank you to all the runners and marshals who turned up for the second test event today. It was great fun and the enthusiasm shown by everyone was s joy to behold. The last minute course change to cope with fallen trees didn’t seem to put anyone off, so I think we can confidently say that the November event is most definitely ON!

Although not officially a race, we did test the timing system and here are the results:

rank time first name surname rank
1 00:52:20 Dominic Brashaw 1
2 00:56:43 Toby Devlin 2
3 01:09:02 Adrian Smith 3
4 01:17:49 Mark Watson 4
5 01:17:58 Sarah Watson 5
6 01:23:25 Nick Williams 6
7 01:23:29 Andrew Stear 7
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