17 Nov 2019 #6

Please read HQ-Setup and Forest-Setup as well as your roles. Thanks


  • 20:00 – Saturday Night – remove cake from freezer
  • 04:00 – Signage goes up
  • 07:00 – Breakfast for the Organiser House
  • 07:30 – check: forest-bag, hq-bag, registration bag, kitchen-bag, food-bag
  • 07:35 – Fill water carrier
  • 07:40 – Put bags in truck
  • 08:00 – Race HQ & Chiddingfold Village Hall Open
  • 08:00 – HQ-Setup & Kitchen Setup starts
  • 08:05 – Fill Race HQ Urn and turn on
  • 08:06 – Move Village Hall Urn to Race HQ and turn on
  • 08:15 – Marshals arrive at the Race HQ
  • 08:30 – Marshals meet in Race HQ for a briefing
  • 09:30 – Registration opens at Race HQ
  • 09:40 – Marshals (with timing mats) leave for forest in truck + 2 other cars
  • 09:55 – Traffic Marshals get into place
  • 10:00 – START 5-10 runners roll out every minute
  • 10:20 – First runners reach the forest
  • 10:25 – All runners on the course
  • 10:40 – First runners finish
  • 10:45 – First bacon butty sizzles into the mouth of the first finisher
  • 11:10 – Forest Marshals check course and close forest
  • 12:00 – Prize giving as last runners finish
  • 13:30 – Close Race HQ

In the event of an accident in the forest contact Race Organiser immediately.

The Race HQ Map shows the layout of the finish line and the route into and out of the Football Pavilion. The images below show the position of each of the marshal along the route. Staffing for the event is:

Please click on your marshal roles to read the instructions below. They are new for this year. Actual positions might vary according to weather and the number of marshals on the day.

A sheet with marshal telephone numbers will be distributed. Please use the Race Organiser and the Forest-Marshal as your main points of contact if you have questions.

Thanks again for helping. We really appreciate it.

Roles and responsibilites

Race Organiser

  1. Overall Control. Health, Safety, Emergency supervisor
  2. Responsible for liaising with external bodies, neighbours and complainants
  3. Announcing when each group should leave for the start line


Getting the HQ ready – take a task from the HQ-Setup list and make it happen.

HQ Gazebo

Getting the HQ ready involves a number of tasks that a small team can get done quickly.


Cars will start to arrive about 20 minutes before registration opens. The parking
signs should be up by then. Please keep one space close to the pavilion reserved
in 2017 for a marshal who is on crutches.

  1. Please guide cars into the Football pitch Car Park first. Make them park close
    together, nose-in, under the trees. The put a line of cars parallel to the rails.
  2. When this car park is full, start filling up the Village Hall car park.
    Remember to put up the FULL signs!


In charge of all forest operations. All marshals in the forest must obey the forest
marshal’s instructions

In the event of an accident in the forest contact Race Organiser immediately.

  1. Dressing the forest Area
    • Flags
    • Runners in road signs
    • Drinks-Station
    • cones
    • Starting the smokey fires
  2. Responsible for ensuring that ambulance is aware of entry and exit points to forest.
  3. Responsible for checking that no runners are left in the forest before leaving the site
  4. Shall phone the Race Organiser when the first runner enters the forest
  5. Shall phone the Race Organiser when the last runner has left the forest
  6. When the Broom-Wagon-bike follows the last runner out of the forest, walk the course,
    check for injured runners and collect the forest team.


  1. Greeting competitors at the registration desk
  2. Looking up their name and giving out the correct race number
  3. Writing the group number on the competitor’s number
  4. Ticking the start sheet to register the competitor has appeared
  5. Hand out correct timing chip to competitor


  1. The starter is responsible for the Start Marshals and the prompt starting of the race
  2. The starter works with the timekeeper to ensure the race is recorded correctly
  3. greeting competitors on the start line
  4. reading the safety briefing 2 minutes before the start
  5. setting the group off on time
  6. reminding groups about the turn into Mill Lane


  1. Sets up the timing equipment before registration
  2. Runs the chip timing system
  3. Uploads results to their website and provides link to race organiser


  1. The start marshals are responsible for the safe starting of the race
  2. The Race Organiser will indicate which position a start marshal shall take:
    • Stopping / checking it is clear – southbound traffic in Coxcombe lane
    • Stopping / checking it is clear – northbound traffic in Coxcombe lane
    • [optional] Outside the church reminding runners to stay on pavement &
      turn right in Mill Lane as well as being nice to any church goers who object
      to lycra clad adults on a Sunday.


  1. Stand or sit under the gazebo and hand a medal to each finisher

Broom-Wagon Cyclist

  1. Follows the last runner in the last group on a mountain bike
  2. Summons help via the race organiser or emergency services if any competitor
    is found on the route in difficulties (via cellphone)
  3. informs marshals that they can leave their post on the return leg.

Mill-Lane Marshal

  1. Marshal on the Swann Inn side of Mill Lane. First runner could be with you
    1 minute after the start – see Timings
  2. During start, tell Runners to Stay on Pavement & to turn right.
  3. Return runners will start arriving from 40 minutes after the start – see Timings.
  4. During return, tell Runners to Stay on Pavement & to turn left for Race HQ.

West-End-Lane-Mill-Lane where Bridlepath meets the road at 2.2 km

  1. Marshal on the grass at the exit of the Mill Road bridle path. First runner
    could be with you 7 minutes after the start – see Timings
  2. Keep an eye out for the occasional traffic.
  3. Outbound runners exiting the bridle path – marshal them left onto the road and
    tell them to follow the arrows and keep right at the little bridge.
  4. Inbound runners on the road – marshal them right into the bridle path.
    Tell them to take care on the slippery mud.
  5. Return to Race HQ when the Broom-Wagon bicycle returns past you. Eat cake

Frillinghurst Wood Gate

  1. Marshal on the woodland side of the gate beyond Frillinghurst farm on the
    bridle path. First runner could be with you 9 minutes after the start – see Timings
  2. Inbound (returning) runners have priority through the gate – no collisions please.
  3. Tell outbound runners to turn right at the clearing.
  4. Return to Forest-Marshal when Broom-Wagon-bicycle passes you on the inbound leg.

Frillinghurst Wood West

  1. Marshal in clearing at the wide junction where 4 forest paths meet and direct
    runners. (From the car park at Prestwick Lane, walk along the wide bridle-path
    following the little yellow arrows until there is a broad clearing with forest
    paths to the left, right and straight on. First runner could be with you 11
    minutes after the start – see Timings
  2. The course is out and back so Outbound runners turn right and head to Fowlshatchcopse
    & Inbound runners turn left along forest path.
  3. Return to rendezvous point when Broom-Wagon-bicycle passes you on the inbound leg

Forest Entrance

  1. Stand on Prestwick Lane, half way between Frillinghurst Wood Parking and the
    Forest Entrance.
  2. If numbers permit place one marshal at each forest entry / exit
  3. Keep outbound runners on right hand side of road, allow them to cross when clear
  4. Inbound runners cross immediately (when clear) and keep to left hand side of road.
  5. Watch for traffic, warn runners.
  6. Return to rendezvous point when Broom-Wagon-bicycle passes you on the inbound leg


  1. The mini-bonfires are between the Log Drop and the big Oak tree
  2. Keep the flames going until the last runner goes through
  3. Rake out the embers and ensure the fires are sage before leaving the woods


  1. Keep an eye out for Star of the Day who will win a prize for overcoming
    adversity, being funny, helping others or whatever you think deserves a prize.
  2. All the Obstacles marshal should be evenly spaced in the forest and should
    listen for cries of help. Keep this document with you in case you need specific
    instructions for any obstacle:

    • Zig-zag
      1. Marshal near the zig-zag entrance.
      2. Ensure runners stay within the zig zag gates.
    • Prancing Pony
      1. Marshal near the middle of the Prancing Pony logs
      2. Ensure runners step over all the prancing pony obstacles
    • Boggy Bypass
      1. Marshal half way down the slope by the tree where the boggy stream crosses
        the path.
      2. As runners descend tell them to slow down – very slippery and dangerous.
    • Pick-up Log
      1. Marshal by the pile of logs.
      2. Tell runners come to choose a log (not a twig) and carry it up to the basket
        at the top of the hill. Be as mean and sarcastic as is necessary to ensure
        they carry decent sized logs.
    • Log Drop
      1. Marshal by the log basket.
      2. As runners come up to the basket- tell them to drop the log into the basket.
        Encourage them to go back & pick it up dropped logs.
    • River Jump #1 A Safety Marshal
      1. Marshal near the landing side of the first river jump.
      2. If a competitor falls in the river, help them up and keep them moving to
        stay warm. In case of injuries phone the forest marshal and then the
        race organiser.
    • River Jump #2 A Safety Marshal
      1. Marshal near the landing side of the second river jump.
      2. If a competitor falls in the river, help them up and keep them moving to
        stay warm. In case of injuries phone the forest marshal and then the
        race organiser.
    • Forest River Route
      1. Marshal on the main path and guide runners down the slope.
    • Slippery Slope
      1. Marshal at the top of the slippery slope.
      2. Verbally encourage runners & Help runners escape sideways if needed.
    • Tyre wall
      1. Marshal by the entrance to the tyre wall.
      2. Explain that they can go through head first or feet first. Head first
        is faster but feet first feels safer.


  1. Set out 30 cups of water before the first runner – see Timings.
  2. Keep around 10 cups on the table with water until you start to run out of cups.
  3. In case of a medical incident, follow directions of the Forest-Marshal and any
    of the medical team.
  4. The blankets and towels will be at the Drinks-Station unless it is very wet
    in which case they will be in the truck.


  1. Follow the catering plan according to instruction from the lead caterer.
  2. Tea, Coffee before race
  3. Cake and Bacon Rolls available after all runners have left
  4. One Roll per runner (or we will run out)
  5. One slice of cake per person (or we will run out)


  1. Try and get a picture of every runner with the number visible.
  2. If you spot something wacky – let the forest marshal know so that they can
    win the star of the day award.


  1. The goal is to make a 3 minute catchy video for youtube with establishing shots,
    mud, Forest-Obstacles, mud, long running sequences, mud, cake, bacon butties
    and lots of steamy smiles at the end

Grand depart

When setting off for the Race HQ, the truck should contain:

  • The r-f-r bags:
  • ☐ 6 food-bags
    • ☐ Green Apple Bag
    • ☐ Basket 1
    • ☐ Basket 2
    • ☐ Don’t need a plastic bag bag
    • ☐ Bacon cool box
    • ☐ Red Bag
    • ☐ Last minute fridge stuff bag
  • ☐ 2 forest-bags
  • ☐ 3 Shirt Bags (S, M, L)
  • ☐ 1 HQ outdoor bag
  • ☐ 1 hq-bag
  • ☐ 1 kitchen-bag
  • ☐ 1 Registration bag
  • ☐ 1 Gazebo
  • ☐ 20 sticks for finish line
  • ☐ 2 flag bags for the entrances


When going to the forest, the truck should contain the forest-bag and the items
below. The First Aiders will follow you to the forest.

  • ☐ Traffic Cones 10 ☒ for forest entrance
  • ☐ r-f-r flags 2 ☒ for forest entrance

forest-bag #1 & #2
  • The forest-bag is a large green woodland bag with white handles. Contains the setup items for the forest.
  • Drinks Table (Blue Table) 1_ _2018 – build a pallet table for 2018
  • ☐ 1 Drinks sign
  • ☐ 1 Duct Tape
  • ☐ 2 Caution Runners in road
  • ☐ 12 Cable Ties for sign
  • ☐ 1 Scissors
  • ☐ 20 x 5 litre Water Containers
  • ☐ 150 Water cups
  • ☐ 1 First Aid Kit (from First-Aid team)
  • ☐ 2 Warm Towels (in a plastic bag)
  • ☐ 2 Blankets (in a plastic bag)
  • ☐ 1 Roll of paper towel
  • ☐ 2 Mobile Phone List
  • ☐ 2 Hi Viz hot jackets (mixed sizes)
  • ☐ 8 Hi Viz Marshal bibs (mixed sizes)
  • ☐ 1 Fire Warden bib
  • ☐ 1 Camera
  • ☐ 1 Washing Up Liquid (slippery slope)
  • ☐ 1 Watering can (slippery slope)
  • ☐ 1 Fire-Starter kit
  • ☐ 1 sharpie
  • ☐ 1 notepad

  • Forest Tasks:
  1. Every marshal puts on hi-viz so the runners can identify you
  2. Walk course with forest marshal
  3. Check timing mats are in place
  4. light the fires after the Log Drop
  5. Place Runners in Road visibly on a tree 100m towards Chiddingfold
  6. Place Runners in Road visibly on a tree 100m towards Grayswood
  7. Erect the flags and put them either side of the entrance to the Forest
  8. set out the drinks on the drinks table
  9. Put the drinks sign on the drinks table
  10. Put first aid kit and blanked by first aid table
  11. 5 mins before first runner:
    • Crossing marshals go up to road
    • Obstacle marshals take position
    • Video / photographers take position
  12. When Broom-Wagon arrives – walk course with last runner
  13. Check fires are out
  14. Clear drinks station
  15. Dismantle flags and pack truck
  16. Return to base


HQ has 3 setups – HQ indoors, Kitchen setup and HQ outdoors. Please look at
the list to figure out which one you’re doing. If in doubt ask the Race Organiser.

HQ Indoor Setup

  • The registration bag is a black Dell laptop bag with all the items for the
    registration desk and prizes.

    • 4 T shirts bags marked with S, M, L, XL
    • 3 Registration signs
    • 2 Mens & Ladies signs
    • 2 Drinks signs
    • 1 donation signs
    • 1 donation box
    • 1 paypal card reader
    • 2 bulldog clips
    • 1 Masking Tape
    • 1 Stapler
    • 1 Scissors
    • 1 Clipboard
    • 1 Start List
    • 1 Highlight Pens
    • 1 Regular Pens
    • 130 Race Numbers
    • 3 Prizes (F, M, star)
    • 0 Prizes (wine)
    • 1000 Safety Pins
    • 130 Medals
    • 3 Marshal instructions
  • The hq-bag is a large green bag with a cardboard box in it.
    • 5 Toilet Rolls
    • 2 Post-it boards map & photos
    • 1 Video Camera
    • 1 Tripod & plate
    • 1 Lavalier mic
    • 4 bottles wine
    • 4 prizes (male, female, star, mega-marshal)
  • HQ Tasks:
    1. Rearrange the tables according to the HQ plan
    2. Place the T shirt bags behind the registration Desk
    3. Place pens, pins, clipboard, scissors & clips on registration table
    4. Masking tape Female to Home Team changing room
    5. Masking tape Female to the most pleasant toilet
    6. Masking tape Male to the other toilet
    7. Masking tape Male to Away Team changing room
    8. Masking tape Drinks to the front of the bar 2 times
    9. Masking tape the donations sign & the green donations box to the top of the bar
    10. Masking tape a registration sign to the outside of the Race HQ
    11. Masking tape a registration sign to the door to the bar
    12. Masking tape a registration sign to the registration table
    13. Place the prizes in the corner behind the registration desk

HQ Kitchen Setup

  • The kitchen-bag is in green big bags, baskets and a red bag.
    • 120 Cups (Hot Disposable)
    • 30 Mugs (in Race HQ)
    • 130 plastic cups – for water
    • 2 squash jugs (plastic)
    • 7 EHDC tea spoons must be returned
    • 4 packs paper napkins
    • 2 serving tongs (meat/veg)
    • 1 bread knife
    • 1 cake knife
    • 1 roll of paper towel
    • 3 tea towel
    • 2 oven gloves
    • 1 one pack kitchen sponges
    • 1 bread basket + cover to hold the buns
    • 1 surface cleaner
    • 3 chopping boards (as cake plates from village hall)
    • 1 hand wash bowl
    • 1 squirty soap + towel
  • The food-bag is in green big bags, baskets and a red bag._
    • 1 large box Teabags
    • 1 small box Roobios Tea Bags
    • 1 large tin Coffee
    • 1 tin Decaff Coffee
    • 12 bacon trays with bacon about 15 rasher in each
    • 1 veggie sausages
    • 4x 2L milk @ 8 litres/100 peeps
    • 2l soy milk
    • 50sugar sachets
    • 1 squash
    • 140 burger buns
    • 1 loaf gluten free bread
    • 14 Lemon drizzle cakes 10 slices/cake
    • 2 dairy / gluten free cake
    • 10 plastic cake displays
    • 1 roll black bin bags
  • Kitchen Tasks:
    1. 08:05 – Fill the Urn in the Race HQ and turn on
    2. 08:06 – Move Village Hall Urn to Race HQ and turn on
    3. Set up serving Area for hot drinks during registration
    4. Turn on Ovens in village hall to warm bacon (& allocate bacon runner)
    5. Slice buns and cake
    6. 10:35 Prepare for first runner returning – sauces, napkins etc.

HQ Outdoor Setup

  • The orange bag contains all the small outdoor bits._
  • 1 Gazebo (Green zip bag)
  • 2 Flags for entrance (in one long thin black zip bag)
  • 3 Caution Runners Sign
  • 24 Cable Ties for signs
  • 1 Scissors
  • 20 Start Funnel Stakes
  • 1 Red/White Barrier tape
  • 1 Medal table (from HQ)
  • 2 Parking signs
  • 2 Parking Full signs
  • 2Parking sign stakes
  • 6 Marshal tabards
  • 1 Starter Horn
  • HQ Outdoor Tasks:
    1. Mark out the start / finish funnel 20 away from arch
    2. Erect Gazebo and tie to ground at the end of the finish funnel
    3. Place flags at road entrance to the recreation ground
    4. Place Parking sign on stake by Flags
    5. Place parking sign on stake at entrance to village hall
    6. Take a table from the race HQ and place under gazebo
    7. Unpack medals from Registration into a container ready to put on table
    8. Place starter’s chair near start / finish funnel
    9. Giver air horn to starter

Bacon cooking (Saturday night)

  1. Foil trays – 12 off (for 140 rashers)
  2. 8 trays in the oven at a time
  3. Keep raw & cooked separate
  4. Oven cook at 200 degrees for 10 mins
  5. 16 cooked rashers go in a deep tray with grease proof paper to separate
    (for warming up in the village hall on Sunday)
  6. Cook 4 trays at a time to get a steady flow

Signage Bag

  • The signage is in black conference bag
    • ☐ 1 small staple gun
    • ☐ 1 large staple gun
    • ☐ 1 box small staples
    • ☐ 1 box large staples
    • ☐ 1 can spray paint
    • ☐ 1 lump hammer
    • ☐ 8 stakes
    • ☐ 200 small arrows
    • ☐ 10 large arrows
    • ☐ 4 Wrong way (A4)
    • ☐ 4 Wrong way (A3)
    • ☐ 2 Not a hill
    • ☐ 1 straight on
    • ☐ 1 turn left
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